Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 17, 2007

Criticism of Coates
misses point of bill
Since I dont know Wayne Remes (May 7 letter), I am unable to state if he is simply ignorant or if he is working to achievea political agenda. It was clearly obvious, however, that he lives in a spin zone regarding his comments concerning Rep. Lorene Coates.
Asa supporter (not co-sponsor, as Mr. Remes wrongly said)of House Bill 359 Restore Flexibility to the School Calendars, which Republican Fred Steen also supported (I guess this makes Fred one of her cronies, according to Mr. Remes), Lorene is merely voting to allow each local school board to determine its own calendar year instead of it being mandated uniformly across the state from Raleigh.
Rowan Countys board has voted to begin the school year on Aug. 25 and end June 10. Doesnt it just make good common sense that our coastal counties and those located in the mountains might find it advantageous to have different starting dates, due to diverse weather conditions, than those in Rowan County?
Dont you prefer local bodies making these choices rather than Raleigh?
Come on, Mr. Remes get your information straight before you go accusing Lorene of trying to remove August from your childs summer vacation. Thats totally untrue. Quit maligning and defaming her with such rubbish! By the way, if youre unhappy with the school calendar, tell the school board. Theyre the ones who make that decision!
(And yep, thats my mama.)
Renee Coates Scheidt
China Grove