Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 17, 2007

Intersection at school
hazardous for drivers
The traffic at the intersection of N.C. 152 and Jesse Carson Road is horrendous! Its almost impossible to make a left turn going into the school or coming out onto 152. There is no traffic light or even a warning sign. This is unacceptable. I fear for the students (with very little driving experience) meeting this unnecessary challenge in getting to and from school. All drivers and riders are at risk during opening and closing hours of the school.
I make this trip daily to deliver or pick up children. I have seen too many near miss-incidents at this intersection. Just yesterday, two young drivers coming out onto 152 squealed out and almost fishtailed in their attempt to make the left turn leaving school. This is a very dangerous intersection and lives are at risk. Its amazing that deadly accidents havent already occurred. Is that what we must wait for in order to get this situation remedied?
I spoke with the assistant principal and the principal at the school, and both informed me that the school had done everything it could do. DOT had determined that this intersection did not warrant a light or an officer to direct traffic!
Our representatives must get involved and fix this problem before a precious life is lost or ruined. (Note: A copy of this letter was sent to Representatives Steen and Coates.)
In the future, wouldnt it be smart to address traffic concerns such as this before a new school is built and opened?
Sandi Lauzon
Test scores vs. tourism
It amazes me that it has taken this long to reconsider the school calendar bill. The original motivation to enact this bill was based on tourism income. Imagine that the state chose the bottom dollar over what is in the best interest of a child. Even more upsetting was to find out that the No. 1 tourist attraction in North Carolina this past year was Concord Mills shopping center.
Students presently return from Christmas break to review for semester/final exams, instead of beginning a new semester. That wastes more time that is so desperately needed to teach the students what is needed to pass the mandated EOGs. We have strayed away from actually educating the students in the school system and are teaching them how to take a test.
We all need to support this bill and encourage our state representatives to get it passed quickly. Then it is up to us to push the issue here in Rowan County. School grades across the board should speak for themselves.
We have failed the students of the Rowan-Salisbury School System and it is time to demand what is in their best interest. They are our future and deserve a voice.
Carla Rose
Litter spoils landscape
As beautiful as North Carolina is, I dont understand why the public is so lax about highway trash. Ive traveled all 50 states, and North Carolina is one of the greatest violators. All one has to do is hold trash until you get home or to a trash can. Please try to keep our state beautiful.
Jerry Dronen