Letter: Trip's information available here

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 5, 2007

Why did “18 dignitaries” travel to Mexico? They traveled to Mexico to “figure out” how to take down barriers that hamper immigration into North Carolina communities. Why? North Carolina already has the fastest growing Latino population in the country.

The travelers went to Mexico to learn more about (future) immigrants’ culture and the conditions immigrants come from. Why? The information is in school books, in encyclopedias, and there are thousands of Mexicans right here that could give this information. The travelers could even learn Spanish. It may even become necessary because immigrants don’t seem eager to learn English.

Why don’t these dignitaries “figure out” why local Americans are losing their homes, why drugs are everywhere, why crime is steadily increasing, why the divorce rate is so high, why credit card debt is so high and so necessary. If they really worked on these problems, they would have less time for traveling.

Probably about one-fourth or more of the drugs, the crime, the cost of “free” medical care, the increase in taxes for “special” schools, auto wrecks and crime etc. could be attributed to the large influx of immigrants.

More people does not mean a better way of life, but it does mean overpopulation, more pollution, faster depletion of resources etc.

Happy traveling to you.

— Gus Knox