Letter: Nothing in life is just 'meant to be'

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 5, 2007

“It is meant to be.” That statement does not do justice to the facts of this life. What was truly “meant to be” was ruined long ago by Adam and Eve. Since then, it has been a struggle of right versus wrong. Each side has its own resources. To believe that knowledge and power are solely held by all that is right would be a naive thought, at best.

Our nation has formed a community which we are given access to so that we, the people, can obtain the tools necessary to battle what is wrong. We have medical resources, educational facilities, religious organizations and a legal system meant to help us in our struggles. Though the basic principals of what is right was used as a foundation for their beginnings, this community has been infected by that which is wrong.

The problem is that so many speak of a cure, but they do so in a whisper, either afraid of the repercussions or without the belief that their voice can make a difference. It is true that one voice can easily be silenced. However, as one voice speaks out, hope is given to those who whisper and perhaps others will find the courage to raise their voices.

Nothing in this life is simply meant to be. It is either a victory or defeat as a result of our own battle. Those of us who believe in the highest form of good, God, know that even when we are defeated, it will be used to do His will.

I understand your lack of faith in our legal system, but where is your faith in God?

— Crystal Linberry Ingold