Letter: Face the facts — germs are everywhere

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 5, 2007

In response to J.E. Goodnight’s recent letter titled “Dirty hands distasteful”:

In some restaurants, employees do not have time to constantly wash their hands because they have to be order-takers, cashiers and cooks, all at the same time. Especially when there are long lines of customers and a lot of food orders to prepare as quickly as possible. However, I do understand the concern about germs when handling food.

Personally, I will not worry myself to death about what germs I may catch, nor will I be rude and refuse to shake someone’s hand.

Face the facts: Everything will never be completely clean and germ free on this earth, including hospitals.

So, Mr. Goodnight, did you wash your hands after handling the same money that you used to pay the owner for the cheeseburger he made for you before first washing his hands?

Sounds like both of you are guilty of having dirty hands after handling the same money that paid for the sandwich you ate.

What about all those other objects you must have touched before eating that cheeseburger? Did you wash your hands after handling the money that you paid to the girl after she made the banana blizzard for you? You should think before you complain.

Instead of being more concerned about the sins they commit every day, people waste their time worrying about germs.

— Ellie Mae Lambert