Letter: Dedication, hard work pay off at Carson High School

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 3, 2007

Newly built and operational Carson High has even been belittled in the Post for its sluggish athletic performance and, in the community, ridiculed for its less than sterling discipline record, but no one can condemn the hard work and tenacious spirit of the social studies department. Those same athletes and troublemakers sat in classes and took EOCs. Led by Department Chair Chris Walters, the “Fabulous Four” upper class historians came in with sensational “unofficial” EOC scores. Each of the social studies faculty spent untold hours after school and at night in special study sessions, carefully designed highly targeted study guides and seized the day as results rolled in well above the state average, ranging from 92 to 67 percent.

Whether they’re motivated by a love for Rowan youth or the historic text itself, we take our hats off to these gifted teachers and await scores in other academic areas which could take months to arrive.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that these highly talented, highly motivated teachers … Walters, Byrd, Pope and Stirewalt … don’t exhaust themselves in a job that is demanding and has little reward. United as they are in friendship and mutual respect, let’s hope that they don’t cash in on their abilities and find office space and hang out their shingle to sell real estate or used cars! These four could motivate and inspire ants to build skyscrapers and gazelles to drive!

Each set high standards in classrooms despite student learning disabilities, social demographics or educational ennui in America and in Rowan County.

Let’s hope also that the fatigue of educational rhetoric, paper chases and lengthy meetings about test results won’t separate them from their time in the classroom with the students they inspire … Let ’em work!

— Gerrie W. Blackwelder


Editor’s note: Gerrie Blackwelder teaches at Jesse Carson High.