Letter: Let inmates give the gift of life to those in need

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 26, 2007

After reading the Sunday (Jan. 21) front-page article about the little boy, Jacob, battling with all his little heart against leukemia, my heart was very saddened. I cried, probably just like any other compassionate person, while at the same time feeling blessed with good health.

In the past, I’ve read other articles about health problems where it may take years to find an eligible organ donor or perfect match. The same question always pops up in my mind: Why doesn’t society pressure these bureaucrats into enacting laws that would allow inmates to be entered into some type of data base to be considered to donate acts of love and help give life to someone in need? Prisons are full of willing donors.

A hypothetical question to anyone who will answer honestly: If you had a son like Jacob who needed a donor and all other courses of action had been exhausted, would it make a difference who the donor was, or the circumstances? I don’t think so. The welfare of your loved ones is all that matters. Allow us to spread some love if needed. Let’s all lift up Jacob in prayer.

— Michael Lyles

Piedmont Correctional Institution