Letter: Rather than visit Mexico, let's secure the borders

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I see that another boondoggle of a trip was done at the taxpayers’ expense. It must be nice to vacation in Mexico and buy trinkets on the trip. The group, including Mayor Kluttz, that went to Mexico for “educational” reasons should be prosecuted for fraud! Illegal immigrants are criminals. These illegal Hispanics continue to break the laws of this country every day. Trying to understand them is just wrong. Those who cross the border illegally are common criminals, and since they aren’t American citizens, these criminals should be denied every service we the taxpayers are burdened with paying for (schools, welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, medical treatment, equal housing, etc.). These illegal immigrant criminals won’t even learn the language of the land which they have illegally invaded. Right now, the language isn’t Spanish, it’s English.

Keep it up, politicians, and soon American citizens will be the minority in our own country. Twelve percent of our population are Spanish speaking illegal immigrants!

Secure the border! By securing the border, the illegal drug supply coming from Hispanic countries might slow down. Remove these criminals who disregard our American laws and let them walk back to whatever country they are from. It isn’t our problem that they are from rotten, corrupt countries. Have these foreign criminals ever heard of revolution to change their country of origin? That is what we had to do to escape our overtaxing rulers in England. The revolution was based upon the idea and practice that taxation without representation is wrong. … Hmmm, is it time for another revolution to get our country back?

— John Rock


Editor’s note: Charitable foundations paid for local officials to go, not tax funds.