Letter: Some handy advice

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 12, 2007

As a retired nurse, I’d like to compliment and concur with the writer of the Dec. 7 letter titled “Dirty hands distasteful.”

In addition to the above letter, I’d like to emphasize some other reasons why I think hand-washing is so vital healthwise.

It is scientifically known that dirty hands spread germs such as viruses, staphylococcus, bacteria and even e-coli, directly or indirectly.

Here’s a good plan of action for most types of illnesses:

Avoid shaking hands (especially during influenza season, October through March).

Wash foods and hands before preparing or serving meals.

Cleanse hands thoroughly before and after using the toilet.

Phone and door knobs need occasional cleaning with alcohol, Lysol or another antiseptic.

Wash hands routinely after changing baby diapers (very important).

Have alcohol-based sanitizers on hand or in the home or carry them in your purse for times when it’s not convenient to wash with soap and water. (I use Germ-X. It is an antibacterial antiseptic hand sanitizer that kills germs without water.)

And last, I can’t reiterate enough that good hand-washing practice is excellent for all of us. It helps promote healthy living and, ultimately, fewer doctor’s visits most of the time.

— Sara Owen