Letter: Raising the minimum wage

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 12, 2007

As a college student, I have found that the very low minimum wage stand-still is quite a strain for those of us who are working hard to be as independent as possible.

I’ve found that to be able to afford off-campus housing with other roommates, I have had to balance two jobs and a full-time school schedule. This has left me and several other college students unable to focus as adequately on school as we should be focusing.

In my situation, I pay for a great majority of my education by myself. Although some students may get lucky enough to have parents who will pay, some do not.

My daily routine generally consists of waking up, going to class in the mornings, working at nights and going back to work on the weekends. I have classes five days a week and work generally about six or seven hours a day. Though I have been fortunate enough to find a job that allows me to study while at work, some students aren’t as lucky. It’s increasingly hard to keep any sort of steady income with bills, gas and general grocery prices quickly rising and paychecks staying the same.

Aside from the college student lifestyle, I think it’s incredibly important that the minimum wage get raised for low-income families. They are deserving of a balanced, safe and healthy environment for their children.

— Jannah Hartis