Letter: Animals need better protection

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 7, 2007

Regarding the Dec. 27 article “Doggone lucky pup survives busy road”:

I don’t understand why we, living here in North Carolina, smack dab in the Bible belt, we who profess to be Christians, don’t understand what it means to be stewards of the animals. It does not mean that we can treat them any way we want, without regard to their feelings — their fear or their pain.

It means we are responsible for them. It is our job to care for them. Period.

What kind of rationale says it’s OK to shoot a hurt animal on the side of the road? Or worse yet, to leave it there to die?

I have lived in many states throughout this great country, and I have never experienced such an appalling lack of regard for life — or the quality of life — for animals.

I’ve seen the way the ponies at the Webb Flea Market are treated. Did you know there is no law that says these animals must rest or graze or be given a shady relief in the middle of July?

Why have the animals been forgotten? Why aren’t we protecting them? How can we make this better?

— Bobbi Parke