Letter: Generous angels in Faith

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 6, 2007

I am writing to let Salisbury know how much love and support can come when you are down. This past Christmas, my husband and I fell on hard times because I had to have two surgeries in two months. We have small children ranging from age 7 to 10. We wondered how we would be able to bring Christmas to these children.

I spoke with only two people about these worries and concerns, and from there it all began. The people I had spoken with were angels sent to me because they mounted into instant action, and we soon had gifts being dropped off at school and at home. My children woke up on Christmas morning with gifts that made their faces light up. My husband and I were brought to tears as we watched them playing with the toys and trying on clothes. It made the 5 a.m. wake-up call of “Santa’s come!” one of the best sounds we have heard.

The people in Faith opened their hearts and wallets and gave to us as if we were family. We considered these people our angels this year, and for this we are greatful. There are too many names to name, but each and everyone of them know who they are. So I would like to say thank you from my husband and I. Without you, our children might have gone without, but because of you they will one day understand (when they are older) just how much those people have given to them.

— Kimberly Catoe