Letter: Stopping for buses can save young lives

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 5, 2007

School is back in, and that means the school buses will be back in use. I know that it can be annoying to stop every few miles, especially when you are in a hurry, but think about the consequences you face if you don’t stop for a school bus.

Last weeek I got the call every mother fears. My oldest son was struck by a car while getting on the bus. He was very lucky that he walked away with a few scrapes and bruises.

Not every child is that lucky.

At first I was panicked at the thought that I could have lost my precious son forever and never seen him again. Then I was angry at the lady who passed the bus and hit him. Now I am relieved that my son is alive and well. I am working through my anger, but I still worry about what could have happened.

Please, when you get behind a bus, remember that someone’s child is on that bus and take the time to stop. Is being in a hurry worth taking the life of someone’s precious child? Think about it.

I still have my son and I will thank God for that every day.

— Tina Wright