Letter: Blame driver who hit dog

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Regarding the story of the dog who was hurt on Jake Alexander Boulevard on Dec 26:

I was the first person to stop, and another other woman also stopped and called 911. I sat down in the road with the dog, petting her and trying to see how bad she was hurt. Another women stopped, and a guy stopped. He gave me a sheet to cover her up. Then the Salisbury police came. I told him what I could about the dog. She had blood in her left eye and two mean cuts on both her legs. She was coughing up little blood clots and a lot of fluid from her mouth. She only moved her head. It seemed she was really hurt. We were afraid to move her.

The police called headquarters for information on what to do. We asked for anyone to pick her up and take her to a hospital or something. We were afraid to move her. One woman said she would pay to have her put down, just to end her suffering. We really thought she was going to die there. The place that could have helped was closed for the holiday. The police officer received permission to put the dog down after another police officer came. A guy carried the dog to the side of the road and down into the ditch. The policeman had a very sad look on his face; he didn’t want to do this. He was pulling his gun when he got a call that help was on the way. … The look on his face . He quickly holstered his gun and told us help was coming Then we saw the Humane Society people pull up. They got her in the van.

I thanked the police officer for being so calm and patient with us. He was very nice. He only was doing what we all thought was best at the time for the dog. The police were not at fault for what happened out there that day.

The person who hit that dog and left her there to die is at fault. It would help if the public had more information about what to do and who to call when this kind of thing happens.

— Kathleen Bostian