Letter: Cell phones unsafe for all drivers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Teenagers are not the only drivers who do not have enough common sense to be able to talk on a cell phone and drive safely at the same time. I have personally witnessed adult drivers of all ages with a cell phone stuck in their ear, completely lost in conversation to the point of not being alert to the traffic situations around them or their own driving.

Also, I have seen school bus drivers talking on cell phones while transporting children to and from school. Making sure students get to their destination safely is what these drivers are supposed to have on their minds instead of a cell-phone call or conversation.

No telephone calls are so important that a driver of any type of motor vehicle should have to take the risk of jeopardizing their own life or someone else’s life on the highways that we all travel. There is a time and a place for jabber-jawing on a telephone, but it is not while you are behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle driving up and down the highway.

I do not have time to talk on a cell phone while I drive because I am too busy trying to stay out of the way of speed demons, drunken drivers, reckless drivers, road-ragers and drivers who are not paying attention to their driving. I think people of all ages should be barred from talking on cell phones while they are driving.

— Ellie Mae Lambert