Letter: Christmas scenes offer inspiration

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 25, 2006

In a season that is so busy we often forget to take time to notice the really important things in our lives, I witnessed two very interesting events.

My granddaughter, who turned 10 on Dec. 11, decided her birthday should be celebrated helping others. She wanted nothing for herself this year from her friends. Angels were picked from the angel tree at Clemmons United Methodist Church; invitations went out to four friends to bring $$, go shopping for the angels and then come to a sleepover. About midnight, the girls sat around doing the silly things 10-year-old girls do, but also they had fun wrapping their gifts for the chosen angels. Gifts wait at home to be delivered next week to the church.

The second incident happened at Hanes Mall on Saturday while shoppers scurried about looking for the perfect gifts. An announcement was made over the speaker that a child was missing! The announcement asked all store employees to check under racks and in dressing rooms. Ten minutes later, another announcement was made that the child had not been found. Later, another call came giving a more detailed description of the child.

During this time, I noticed two things … a dad with a toddler in a stroller, another child in tow, calling the name of what I assume was their missing family member. The second thing I saw: Employees searching, customers searching and other children searching. With one goal in mind, to find the lost child.

Within about 30 minutes, but what seemed like hours, the final announcement was made for the father to come to a certain department, the child had been found. You could literally hear sighs of relief as business went on as usual.

I guess some people are not so busy after all!

— Libby Johnson