Letter: Tougher stance needed against drunken driving

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 24, 2006

How is it that a man charged with killing an 8-year-old girl by choosing to drive and drink gets out of jail on a measly $20,000 bond, and a man who robs another man sits in jail under a $250,000 bond?

I am in no way taking up for either man. I am simply stating that neither should walk the streets, especially the accused drunken driver. It is sad that an 8-year-old girl had to pay the price for his getting behind the wheel of his car. And it is also sad that almost a year ago, another girl almost lost her life for another drunken driver who did not care what happened for his choice to drink and drive.

I am so disappointed with the legal system on slapping these drunken drivers on the hand. When is this law going to change — and for the better? My heart goes out to all of the families of victims of drunken drivers.

— Crystal Blevins