Letter: Picture-perfect present

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 22, 2006

I read all the “Dear Santa” letters from area children in the Post. They were all very sweet and entertaining. I was, however, somewhat surprised at the high percentage of requests for expensive electronics such as iPods, MP3s, PlayStations, Xbox 360s etc. Even though it has been many years since I was a child, I realize this is a sign of the times and a result primarily of high-pressure advertising and competition.

I’m sure many of these will be purchased by parents even if it means maxing out credit cards or obtaining loans. At the same time, it was encouraging to note that many of the letters mentioned the wellbeing of Santa, Mrs. Claus and Rudolph. Santa will definitely need to join Weight Watchers after Christmas if he eats all the goodies being left for him by these boys and girls.

I stated all the above to say this: There was one very special letter that really touched my heart. It was from Evelyn Ly. She asked only for a gold locket to hold a picture of her family. I don’t know her or her family, but I do know someone has instilled true life values in this child. Because when all is said and done, what matters most in this life?

As for me, I believe God first, family second and then good Christian friends. I hope you get your locket, Evelyn, and have a very happy and prosperous life. Thank you, God, for sending us Baby Jesus! May God bless all children!

— Margaret Thompson Shumate