Letter: Amen to accountability

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 22, 2006

I sat here reading Louis Karabatsos’ Dec. 18 letter to the editor on accountability, and I became absolutely nauseated.

My question to you is, how long has it been since you stood in front of a class of 25 to 28 students and taught?

I’m sorry, but before you can teach you first must enforce the school’s dress policy, because some parents and children still do not know what acceptable attire is. Then you must spend a few minutes conducting “energizers” to ensure the children are getting their exercise and are awake to learn. This is very important because someone has decided that the school systems have some responsibility that Johnny and Susan are obese. Oh, I probably can’t say obese; they are just full-figured. And now it falls on the teachers to ensure that children are awake, ready to learn and healthy.

It is obvious that Ol’ Lou has forgotten what the salary for a teacher is. I do not think that the raises given to the teachers were out of line at all.

Since you have all the answers and are still on the state payroll with your retirement, maybe you can go and volunteer at a school and mentor to the teachers who you believe are wandering aimlessly. Or maybe you would rather sit at home and reminisce on how great your school used to be.

I say “Amen” to your idea; someone needs to be held accountable.

But why not hold the parents more accountable? Or dare I say (gulp), even make little Johnny and Susan accountable for doing their work and for their grades? In an effort not to hurt someone’s young, fragile self-esteem, we no longer hold children accountable for any of their shortcomings.

— Paul Meyer