Letter: A brother's love

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 22, 2006

Regarding the Dec. 19 article on the death of Scott Hall:

I have to write because many facts are wrong. Scott had a sad story, and a lot of it was true. But he always had a brother right here in the same town. I tried to help him with his problems. I talked with him about the things he needed to do. When he passed away that morning, I didn’t even know about it until three days later. I planned the arrangements, spoke to the hospital, had rights to his remains and completed what had to be done. I had very little time for sadness, though I felt the pain. I had to get the plans in place to have closure.

Scott was not alone in this world; he always had me, his brother. He had a big heart and loved children. He took a wrong turn in life, and I tried to turn him around. In no way did he not have family. I was here for him. As for the part saying he was found on the floor, he died in his sleep. He was moved to the floor by a friend because the 911 operator said to get him out of the bed to perform CPR.

A simple ad in the paper here would have found me the next day. I found out from friends’ calls from West Virginia, asking what happened to Scotty. Then I had to call the hospital and find out if it were true. My brother’s arrangements and final plans are completed just as he wanted them to be.

— Paul Hall