Letter: Shame on parents who fail their kids

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Regarding Gordon Correll’s Dec. 12 commentary “Good parents are the key to good schools”:

My friend, Gordon Correll, nailed it on the head. I’m a parent of a second-grader and it is my responsibility to make sure she is getting educated. We have handed off our children to the school system and point our fingers at the educators when things don’t go well. It’s time that stopped!

My daughter has had three great teachers (K, first and second). But I don’t expect them to do all the training. I have to make sure she’s learning to read. I have to make sure she’s learning to add, etc.

Commissioner Jim Sides says “we should spend that $8 million plus on education.” I agree. Let’s spend it on holding parents accountable for the education of their children.

Parents, I’m sorry, but “shame on us.” The failure of the Rowan County schools isn’t on the teachers (I have three in my family, by the way) and administrators. It lies at our feet. Let us get back to the basics! Let us make sure the job is getting done. Let us get involved at school and ask teachers about performance.

It’s time that we stop giving up our right as parents to educate. It’s our job, our right and our privilege. Until we recognize that fact, WE will continue to fail!

— Tim Mateer