Letter: Interference hurts

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 8, 2006

Ann Brownlee has no business trying to interfere in our business affairs in the Trading Ford community. I have been a land owner here for over 37 years. This is a good community, a wonderful place to raise children, and we’ve never needed any one like Ann Brownlee to tell us how to run our community. We suggest she go to her own community and try to tell them how things should be run.

She seems to have no concept of the lives endangered because her junk has stopped progress on the interstate situation, much less the stress she gives us here in the community. We don’t need or want her proposals through the Trading Ford Historical Association. By the way, how in the heck did she get to be in charge of something she absolutely has no part of? She doesn’t even live here. This is totally ludicrous.

I wish she would just mind her own business. There is no logic or sense in this.

Commissioners, please take notice of this letter because I share the opinion of the majority of land owners and voters in our community.

— Carmen Roseman Bean Swindel