Letter: Twisting the truth

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 30, 2006

Regarding the controversy over the Trading Ford Historic District and the proposed High Rock race track:

Are citizens of Spencer and Rowan County really buying all this load of manure that is being passed out by opponents of the Trading Ford Historic District Preservation Association and Ann Brownlee?

No one, repeat NO ONE, in the Trading Ford Group has made any attempt to have any property added to the National Register of Historic Sites. To date, only the poor devils who believe this made up story have contacted the register, and I am certain that they have no idea what the form letter is about.

I wonder why someone has resorted to these scare tactics? Could it be they’re afraid that someone might actually get a small portion of land designated as what it really is, the site of a Civil War battle? Why try to twist the truth and run a smear campaign against the Trading Ford group and Ann Brownlee?

Some folks just hate to be wrong, so I guess the only way you can be right is to make the story fit.

— Walter Wilson