Local bridge by Myrnie McLaughlin

  • Posted: Sunday, August 4, 2013 1:06 a.m.

This past week we welcomed the Rimers back from a long term vacation. It was a welcome surprise. Evergreen winners were: First, Pat Macon and Judy Gealy; second, Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles; third, Gloria Bryant and Betsy Bare; fourth, Chuck and Margaret Rimer. Next Friday will be the Evergreen Club Championship game, with higher master points awarded.

This week’s hand is board #18 from EvergreenIt is an example of using DONT to interfere with opponent’s NT attempt. N/S vulnerable East dealer.


S A Q 3 2

H J 8 7 5

D 8 3

C K J 6

West East

S K 7 S T 6 4

H K Q 4 H T 6 3

D K T 7 5 4 D J 9 2

C A Q 8 C T 9 5 4


S J 9 8 5

H A 9 2

D A Q 6

C 7 3 2

The bidding was:


P P 1NT 2H

P 2S P 3S


The bidding showed E and S with less than 12-13 points, W with 15-17, and N with 11 points. N wanted to compete, but with 2 four card majors didn’t know which might work. So N bid 2H, showing hearts and spades, asking partner to name his best major. If none bid 3C and N can correct if necessary.

The Brisbin/Featherston pair had the best E/W score with 1NTW+1 while the McLaughlins had the best N/S score bidding 3S making. The full DON’T convention can be found on and printed out from www.ACBL.org web site

The winners at the Women’s Club Tuesday were: First, Betsy Bare and Wayne Pegram; second, Judy Hurder and Gloria Bryant; with Anna and David Goff third.

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