March 31, 2015

Local Bridge with Myrnie McLaughlin

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 21, 2014


No not bridge language. We’re addressing the cell phone issue. Cell phones at games can be a problem. Most of us, including me, forget to turn them off before playing. Each director has the right to establish their own rules. Tournament etiquette is unbending, however. Your phone can be confiscated for the session or the day.

In our games cell phones ring regularly. My rule is, let them ring and go to voicemail. You may retrieve the message later. Answer only if the player knows of a potential personal emergency, or player is “on call” for work reasons. Answer the call away from the table or out of the room If possible. Be as fast as possible especially if you were involved in playing a hand. Being away from play more than a minute can result in your pair being awarded an A- for that board and being made to move onto the next board.

Our Christmas party at the Evergreen game Friday, Dec. 12 was a huge success, thanks to all of you. As always, you came through with wonderful food. You make me smile seeing you enjoying each other and having so much fun. I’m always glad to be your leader. I couldn’t ask for a nicer group.

Winners on Friday, Dec. 12 were: N/S First, Gloria Bryant and Wayne Pegram; second, Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles; third, Betsy Bare and Pat Featherston. E/W First, BettyBonner Steele and Betty Bills; second, Anna and David Goff; third, Maggie Canup and Stella Shadroui.

Featured board is #6 from Friday’s game   E/W vulnerable   East dealer



S  Q 4 2

H  A T 3

D  T 4 2

C  A K T 8



S  T 5                   S  A K 7 6

H  Q J 9 8 5 4 2             H  K

D  5                                D  9 7 6 3

C  6 5 3                          C  Q J 7 4



S  J 9 8 3

H  7 6

D  A K Q J 8

C  9 2


Best N/S score was made by Gloria and Wayne bidding 3NT making 4 and the best E/W score made by Pat Macon and Toni Iossi setting 4DS 1 trick.

Winners at the Tuesday Women’s Club game: First, Dick Brisbin and Marie Pugh; second, John and Myrnie McLaughlin.

Remember! No games will be played Dec. 26 and 30 and Jan. 2.




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