April 27, 2015

Kannapolis school board recognitions

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Kannapolis Board of Education honored the following outstanding representatives from Forest Park Elementary School at its September meeting:
• Jonas Motley — “Jonas is an outstanding fourth grader. He is the type of student that gives other students confidence and boosts the morale of his fellow classmates. His third grade teacher said she felt fortunate to have him in her class and said he challenged her to be a better teacher. Jonas is academically strong and is consistent in his hunt for more knowledge. His character traits of being respectful, responsible, and his ability to persevere should be modeled by others. Students like Jonas are students we cherish and never forget as educators.”
• Malaina Meeks — “Malaina is a 4th grade student and a shining star whose bubbly personality and huge smile brightens up the room. She is a well-rounded student in all aspects of citizenship and academics. She never quits any task given to her and always goes above and beyond to help others. Malaina is like a beacon of light whose leadership skills lead the way for her peers to follow. Her positive outlook in the morning always helps her teachers start their day on an encouraging note. Malaina’s creativity and poise in public speaking will lead her in many career paths of honor and distinction.”
• Stacey Conner — “Stacey is an outstanding and dedicated volunteer. She is the Co-President of the Forest Park PTO. She volunteers her time coordinating many of the activities at Forest Park and spends time helping in the classrooms of her children. Stacey has been instrumental in helping Forest Park access donated items from Wells Fargo and is always on the lookout for a bargain! She is the parent of two students at Forest Park. We greatly appreciate her time and dedication.”
• Laura Gray — “Laura has worked as a Teacher Assistant at Forest Park for 7 years. She supports two classrooms by helping with small group instruction and helping teachers plan activities. Laura has great rapport with students and outstanding classroom management skills. She is very flexible and will do anything she can to help. Laura is an essential member of the Forest Park staff.”
• Gale Kelly — “Gale is a second grade teacher at Forest Park. She has worked for KCS for 30 years and has worked at Forest Park Elementary for the last 7 years. Gale is passionate about children and works diligently to help students succeed. She has a big heart and goes above and beyond to help students who are in need. Gale is a National Board Certified Teacher and has her Master’s Degree in Literacy. She is a dedicated educator and we are very thankful for all her hard work.”