May 22, 2015

Letters to the editor – Saturday (12-15-2012)

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 15, 2012

Judge makes wrong choice
News flash: U.S. District Court Judge James Fox disallows “Choose life” license plate. The N.C. General Assembly had approved this request in 2011, but the American Civil Liberties Union sued. That group takes the posture of defending liberty but would deny the very basic liberty of life to the unborn child.

This follows from the preposterous precedent of a “legalized right” allowing mothers to conveniently kill their unborn infants.

The ACLU undoubtedly lodged their objection in an activist venue, assuring agreement. Judge Fox “pondered” this “complex” matter a year or so before ruling on the basis of free speech, saying a “life” statement is unconstitutional because pro-choice isn’t also affirmed. This seems to be a mere excuse — and weak. Surely a “life” plate doesn’t disallow a pro-choice statement if requested and approved. But the legislators seemed unaware of the required “balance.” The legal refusal isn’t the end of the world for all of us out and about. We still can and will act positively on other days. But for many of the now less-defended unborn, this is another unnecessary, illegal death sentence.

— Donald P. Heidt
Drug dangers

I’m beginning to wonder if the people who partake of fake drugs ever use their common sense, or do they just have a death wish for themselves? If it’s the latter, then they are slowly committing suicide for sure. “Bath salts” are for soaking our outer bodies, not for human consumption.

Fake drugs, along with cocaine and similar substances, destroy the body and brain cells. Marijuana may not be as pure as you may think because it could be mixed with fertilizer, insecticides or other poisonous chemicals.

I fail to understand why people insist on putting these poisons into their bodies. They seeem to think getting high from drugs or alcohol is the only way to obtain joy or happiness in life, but they are so wrong. The only thing these substances do is make their users violent and abusive, including behavior that sometimes results in severe beatings or killings of other people.

Another dangerous situation occurs when people take somone else’s prescription medications, which may cause a bad reaction or even death for that person. Plus, it’s against the law to sell or give other people your personal prescription drugs, even to your own relatives. If caught doing so, you can be arrested.

There are other safer and legal ways to receive joy and happiness in our lives, and they’re called spiritual highs. Folks can receive a spiritual high just by watching the sun rise each day.

— Ellie Mae Lambert