The great yard sign debate

Published 7:35 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2016

From Democratic strategist Gary Pearce’s blog, Talking About Politics:

If you’ve ever worked in a campaign, you’ve been part of the debate over yard signs.

Pros pooh-pooh them as a waste of money. Volunteers clamor for them. The candidate’s brother calls in every day to tell you how many signs the opponent has up. Supporters claim your opponents are stealing yours. And a smart manager knows that the most important person in the campaign is the one who puts up the signs on the road the candidate takes to the event.

A Talking About Politics reader who has been there sent this story from The Onion: “Yard Sign With Candidate’s Name On It Electrifies Congressional Race.” The lead:

“JASPER, Ind.—A blue corrugated plastic sign bearing the name of candidate Todd Young has invigorated and galvanized voters in southeastern Indiana’s 9th District congressional race, catapulting the Republican to an all but insurmountable lead over his opponent, Democratic incumbent Baron Hill.”

And this:

“When I drove by the sign two days ago, I had to pull over to the side of the road and catch my breath,” said Jade Williams, 34, a lifelong Democrat and former supporter of Baron Hill. “I’d never felt such a profound connection to a candidate before. Then I saw the powerful red line under his name and knew I had to drive to City Hall immediately and register as a Republican.”