Letters to the editor – Wednesday (11-4-15)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Writer stands by criticism
of Planned Parenthood

The writer is responding to an Oct. 19 letter, “Rant about shootings goes over the edge.”

Apparently, I twanged the nerves of some local extreme left fielders with a letter exposing a few practices of evil doctrine of the Democrat Party. One writer called me a racist over my hatred of Obama’s inept evil. Want to witness real racism and hypocrisy? Let Ben Carson win the Republican nomination, then watch the liberals try to burrow their way to China. Citing “that’s different, because Carson is an Uncle Tom, and not really black.” Sure looks black. More so than Obama.

And then there’s Jack Connery, condemning my opinions concerning Obama’s (and Clinton’s) obsession with destroying the Second Amendment. Obviously Connery hasn’t done his homework on the issue. Same with Planned Parenthood, taking umbrage with my referral of that organization as satanic. Planned Parenthood crushes the skulls of nearly 400,000 babies a year, selling organs from many. Webster’s defines “satanic” as  marked by viciousness or cruelty. Give me a better descriptive word. But all of that is OK. I don’t have the cellophane skin of you liberals.

Your letter of hatred does present a more serious problem, however. Around four decades ago a Supreme Court ruling gave carte blanc to the libel slandering and defamation of celebrities. It did not include “regular citizens” like me. My personal inclusion (by you, Jack) in the categories of possible future active “shooter,” and one committing “violent actions” quite possibly stepped over the line. Your thinly veiled exclusion of my feasible, insinuated, futuristic acts of domestic terrorism (“I am not accusing Biggerstaff”) may not withstand permissible scrutiny. This one may have slipped through the editorial cracks on you, Jack. Take care when firing errant shots over the bow of an unknown enemy!

— Randy Biggerstaff


No way to navigate

Enjoyed the piece on the Renaissance Festival in Sunday’s paper. I am a bit puzzled about the knowledge of celestial navigation claimed by the Pink Pirate. The writer, Ms. Rider, reported Ms. Tronsor has learned so much about ships because of her role.  She can’t have learned too much since she can’t tell a church bell ringer and custodian — a sexton — from a navigation instrument — a sextant.

— Tony Hilton


Editor’s note: That was the Post’s mistake, not Ms. Tronsor’s.