Wilson Cherry: Let’s be thankful and give

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 27, 2022

While we approach the holiday season, it is time to reflect on the many issues we have had to encounter this year. The COVID-19 pandemic, increased food and gas prices, violent crimes, substance abuse and mental health issues are running rampant in our local community and the world we live in.

These are just some of the reasons it is important that we take a more in depth and heartfelt look at how those of us who can and are able to foster a positive impact on the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters. Many of us are committed to investing in the causes and programs that enhance the quality of life for people throughout our community.

Giving is often determined when people have a true understanding of what their money, service, skills, talent and time enables others to achieve or accomplish. As we give, we create a hand which bolsters relationships and it is a powerful way to invest in the well-being of our neighbors.

Recent reports and research about philanthropy in America indicated that there is a link between charitable giving and pleasurable stimulation in people’s brain. Whether it is an unexpected crisis, natural disaster or catastrophic occurrence, people generally feel better when they have a sense that they are helping someone overcome a hardship. Sometimes a kind word, a ride or a simple phone call can make a big difference. Our giving may be the catalyst needed to inspire and motivate others to give or serve.

Becoming involved in charitable giving is not just a thing to do; it is also a way to teach our children the values of empathy, respect and kindness. I am abundantly thankful for all the times that my family and I have been on the receiving end during my lifetime.

It is so significant to be afforded to live in a community where people care for one another. Given the depths from whence I have come over the years, I am blessed to share my God given finances, talent and time to help serve others in need; emotionally, physically or spiritually.

We are blessed with many institutions in our community which are dedicated to serving others; whether they be churches, a mosque, synagogue, tabernacle or temple. They work diligently to make Salisbury and Rowan County a wonderful place to live, play, study, work and worship.

As we express our thanks and appreciation for all of our blessings this year, here are just a few of the many agencies and organizations that merit support:

• The United Way’s year round efforts to empower and improve the lives of so many people with critical needs.

• The Salisbury Post’s Christmas Happiness Fund, which is an asset to so many people in need.

• Rowan Helping Ministry’s commitment to help feed and house folks in our community.

• The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.

• Meals on Wheels’ year round quest to feed the elderly and disabled.

• Gifts to our outstanding educational institutions; such as Catawba, Livingstone and Rowan-Cabarrus Community College; which all serve as beacons of light and enrichment for our community.

We certainly must always be appreciative and thankful for our active, disabled and retired veterans who serve and have served so proudly and valiantly to preserve and protect our freedom.

By the way, the consumers, staff and administration at Rowan Vocational Opportunities, Inc. are sincerely thankful for all the support and encouragement that we continue to receive.

Wilson R. Cherry is director of community affairs at Rowan Vocational Opportunities, Inc. He is an advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities.