Letters to the editor: Nov. 27

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 27, 2022

Where will all the garbage go?

I enjoyed the article on where will the garbage go (Nov. 20). Probably along the side of the road.

The county manager and commissioners should be paying the guy in southwest Rowan County (Jan. 11) instead of fining him for keeping stuff out of the landfill and not along the side of the road. That person has some unusable private land in the country he is trying to fill with trees and lumber that will not fit in a trash can. If it doesn’t fit in a trash can, it won’t get picked up, even if it is piled beside the trash can.

He is providing a service for the county by keeping trash out of ditches and providing a place for people to help fill the unusable private land for the trash that will not fit in the trash can instead of dumping it along side of the road.

Just another example of manager and commissioners wanting to penalize the citizens for helping others. The county thinks it will miss out on landfill fees for these trees and lumber and other stuff that probably will not make it to the landfill or don’t have a way to haul it to the landfill.

I remember the gas lines in the ’70s and the big gas guzzlers and high-priced gas. Then we started using small compact cars. Why is there a shortage of gas now? We use more with the big gas guzzlers. Have you looked at a parking lot lately?

The SUVs and four-door pickups outnumber the compacts.

— Jerry Shelby