David Freeze: What I’m thankful for!

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 24, 2022

What I’m thankful for:

The opportunity to do this column year after year. Life changes and so do perspectives, but we have blessings worth remembering and therefore so much to be thankful for.

Friends, like or unlike ourselves, who often offer different perspectives. Especially young adults who help keep the rest of us young, often while considering their opinions.

Hot hands, wool socks and Vaseline for use on the recent cold morning runs to keep fingers and toes comfortable.

A Bible verse a day, a morning devotion and a long prayer. A good start to the day.

The smells of Pine-sol, Dial soap, freshly mown grass and cured hay, Coppertone and wood smoke.

Books, the source of knowledge, escape and inspiration. A day without reading, a least a few pages for ourselves, is a lost opportunity. My sister Patricia, who passed away in January, collected books, and I’m reading them now.

The Salisbury Post, good for me and good for you. Great people and close friends who work hard to put out the Post in hopes that many of us won’t have to say, “I hadn’t heard about that.”

Our local PDs, FDs and other first responders, I can’t miss thanking them in every one of these columns. Special thanks to Sheriff Auten and Chief Stokes, good men who will be missed.

Falling stars and snowflakes. I get excited every time I see one.

Dreams, adventures and passion! Never stop having them, no matter what your stage in life.

Ex-wives, regardless of how many, always have something good to offer, then and now.

Challenges that we can embrace, We are what we can overcome.

A granddaughter named the Booper, always worth a better day when I see her.

More than 20 great running/walking events in Rowan annually that each benefit our wonderful charities. I hope to see many of you at Salisbury’s Thanksgiving happening, The Forum’s Butterball 5K.

That America is still the best place to be and full of people just like you and me, proven every summer on my bike rides. Hardly a day passes when I don’t meet someone who would make a good neighbor.

All the readers who follow those rides and other things I’m so fortunate to write about.

More places to visit, just like my card says, “I haven’t been everywhere yet, but its on my mind.” Next summer’s trip is already planned, as much as it can be, with the freedom and hopefully the knowledge to adjust on the fly.

Two great daughters, their husbands and the rest of our family.

Veterans like James Deal! He’s a true hero, as are all those who proudly wear the uniforms of our country.

Volunteers, the heart and soul of so many worthwhile activities and community organizations. No greater gift than your time can be offered.

Christmas parades, where everyone is young again with the thrill of the season just ahead. I love a parade and one day I will see the Macy’s parade and the big balloons in person.

And finally, as the old hymn says, “Count your many blessings, name them one by one, see what God has done!”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!