Doug Creamer: Choices

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 5, 2022

By Doug Creamer

Many trees have dropped most of their leaves, but if you look around you can still see some beautiful fall colors. October has been a crazy month and I haven’t been able to enjoy the fall colors as much as I normally do. But every once in a while I look up and see some spectacular colors that stop me in my tracks.

One thing that I am ready to see come down is all the Halloween decorations. Some of the decorations are the cute pumpkins or the ghosts hanging in trees. I like those decorations. What I can’t stand is how gruesome we have become with many of the Halloween decorations. So many of them are over the top; I am ready to see them come down and wish they wouldn’t come out ever again.

Don’t misunderstand; I love the little trick-or-treaters that come to the house. They have some of the cutest costumes on and I always look forward to giving out the candy. Many of the parents walk their kids up to the door and encourage them to say thanks. That part of Halloween is great and brings back wonderful memories from my childhood.

Like I said, I am ready to see Halloween packed up and put away for another year. The trouble is that some people will take down their Halloween stuff and put up their Christmas stuff. I can bet you that someone will have their Christmas tree up by next weekend. I have been to Lowe’s and Walmart; I know that they have had Christmas decorations out for several weeks. I will confess to looking at them myself. I have to get a few new things this year and I was checking on the prices.

I have also seen the ads running on TV. There were a few about mid-October. Now you can be sure the retailers are going to be pushing the holiday season. The only thing getting in the way of complete bombardment of Christmas ads is that we have to get through the political season. I am ready to see those ads disappear. When did we lose our ability to be civil when talking about politics? I hate all the attack ads on TV. We mute them or change the channel.

Well, Thanksgiving is only three weeks away and Christmas is a month behind that. Like it or not, the holiday season is upon us. It’s going to become very busy all too quickly. We have an opportunity right now to catch our breath and make a choice about how we enter the holiday season. We can choose to sprint through them and miss some of the joy of the season or we can choose to embrace each family event and enjoy spending time with our loved ones.

Believe me, I have run from one holiday event to the next for many years of my life. The trouble is that we are rushing so fast that we forget to enjoy the moment. Granted, some things we are expected to attend, but even those events can be enjoyed if we will breathe and embrace the moment. Remind yourself that these are special moments with people who are important in your life so embrace them and the people too.

Choose which holiday events you want to enjoy and take them in as you do. Choose the people you spend time with and be present while you are together. Choose the food you want to enjoy and savor each bite. Choose which decorations you want to put out and enjoy and realize that you don’t have to drag out everything. Choose which traditions mean the most to you and enjoy engaging in them.

When making all these choices make sure you choose to connect with your family, friends and co-workers. The next two months are going to fly. Decide now how you can slow down and really engage with the people in your life that mean the most to you. We always find ways of making time for what is important in our lives.

I want to encourage you to begin making choices now that will lead to a joyful and fulfilling holiday season. Choose to prioritize your family and friends. Decide what memories you want to create and engage in those activities. Plan the menus, traveling and shopping so you are present and enjoying all the holiday experiences. I know mayhem can take over so easily but you can make some choices that can help you connect with those you love. Connecting, loving, sharing, and eating plenty of good food. Here come the holidays…make the right choices.

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