Whitey Harwood’s From the Wood Shed: It was almost like a song

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 30, 2022

Ronnie Milsap took that song to No. 1 in 1977. Every time I read a story in the Salisbury Post I think of a song. Here are some from the past week.

Sheriff candidates share their priorities (Sunday Oct. 9). That story has two songs, and both of them by Conway Twitty. “You’ve never been this far before” and “I see the want to in our eyes.”

Travis Allen, I don’t really know what a “mantra” is but I know what my parents said. My mom said, “Being the boss don’t make you right all the time, it just makes you the boss all the time.” My dad said, “Yeah, and if you eat regular you’ll sit here in toilet regular.” If you don’t get that, call on Mr. Whipple, he can explain it to you.

Carlton Killian lets talk about mental health. I’ve been dealing with it (PTSD) for over 50 years, and about 35 of those years at the VAMC. Mental health is going backward, so lots of luck with that.

Let’s talk about churches. Have you ever wandered how many people are in jail and prison because of churches? This might be a “mantra.” Right is right and wrong is wrong. So in all your years in the police force have either one of you ever questioned or ever thought about this- Is releasing balloons littering? If so, did you ever bring it to anyone’s attention? Or did you ever think this- releasing balloons is not littering because they were released to go to heaven.

Powers named county director of engineering, environmental services (Oct. 9). After reading that story, with a salute to the proofreading department of the Salisbury Post, and I can’t help myself for this, but I’m going with “Double Shot” by the Swingin Medallions.

I’m satisfied Craig Powers will do a fine job, but before he maybe gets his hands tied, I would like to ask him two questions. Using your degree in environmental services, do you think releasing balloons is a danger to the planet? Using common sense, do you think releasing balloons is littering?

Couple planning cleanup of homeless camps (Oc. 16). That one was a no-brainer, “Clean Up Woman,” by Betty Wright. That story stated they both work in public health and moved here not long ago. So, they should already be on board about balloons. No questions for them, but I would like to thank both of ‘em for their effort and to share this with them. I don’t like to judge people either, but I don’t mind inspecting their fruit. I was born here, raised here and like Craig Powers continue to live here. The longer you live here maybe you can become an inspector and realize some of it ain’t producing too well.

Can we please let the fame statue go? (Oct.16) by Kenneth L. Hardin. I saved the best one for last, so here goes a song for it. “It’s The Same Old Song,” by the Four Tops. Thank you, Kenny for an outstanding article. I couldn’t have said it any better myself, but I would had to use smaller words. I only went to South Rowan for my higher education.

After reading your stories (with the help of my dictionary) I know you have the dots connected. So with your writing skills and ability can you please help me explain to the “right” people that littering is illegal and that releasing balloons is littering.

I want to ask this question one more time to see if anybody will answer it: “Is releasing balloons littering”?

Now we can let George Strait sing two of his many No. 1 songs, “Right or Wrong” and “Check Yes or No.”

Keep on smilin’.


Whitey Harwood lives in Rowan County.