Hippie Fest is a far out time

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, October 25, 2022

By Brad Dountz

SALISBURY — Hippie Fest pulled up in its Volkswagen Bus to spread the love this weekend to Salisbury, where it hosted its last two-day event of the year.

Hippie Fest is a traveling music and arts festival that goes around the country to different states like Ohio, Nebraska, and Indiana to share its message of peace and good vibes to the masses.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Rowan County Fairgrounds, there was a long line to get into all of the fun. Once people did, they could let their freak flag fly and enjoy their day without being judged. People wore wigs, costumes or their wackiest clothes to compliments and cheers from others. Everywhere you went you could hear different classic rock songs blaring from speakers, but you could also lay down and get a taste of real live music, too.

Vendors were there to sell tie-dyed T-shirts, tapestries, art, pottery, crystals, jewelry and dreamcatchers for eager hippies looking to add something to their collections. There was even a car show for people to show off their vintage cars and vans.

Noah Back is a musician that has performed for Hippie Fest since 2019 and has been to every event this year. Back keeps working with Hippie Fest because how much it has to offer to everyone who attends and works it.

“There’s a very positive, very overtones of positivity and love here you don’t get at a lot of other events that I play. So I’m really appreciative to be a part of that vibe and hopefully bring some of that,” he said.

It looks like Hippie Fest delivered on its promise of giving Salisbury a time that will surely stand out in their minds.

“It’s awesome! Nice people, great food, great little outings where you can find different, unique stuff, it’s really cute,” first-time attendee Jane Bulla said. “The people, the attitude, the atmosphere, it’s great!”