Letters to the editor: July 5

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 5, 2022

An abortion question

The question should not have been heard in a federal court; it is a state’s issue. People must have “choices,” which are an “inalienable right.”

People get to vote on their state’s government. If you are unable to “change” your state’s government, you may move to another state. Those are “choices.”

— Steven Arey


Spencer in favor of bike lanes

In response to Dylan Horne’s “A missed opportunity on Salisbury Avenue in Spencer: Mr. Horne, thank you for your My Turn article in the Sunday paper (June 26). The majority of your article is filled with facts in terms of the reasons that Spencer will benefit with the addition of bike lanes.

Spencer did not lose an opportunity, we gained one.

The fact is, our Board of Aldermen deserves credit for voting in favor bike lanes through Spencer. Initially, the board voted the project down in a three to two vote. A motion was then made for a compromise to be considered that resulted in a mile and a half of bike lanes on Salisbury Avenue through town. The motion passed three to two. At this time, the lane will begin at the Spencer-Salisbury city line at Seventeenth Street, ending near the Food Lion in Spencer. Hopefully, in the future, the bike lanes will be extended to our northern gateway at the Yadkin River. Safety for bike riders is paramount there also.

Another fact is that Spencer definitely has new business coming to town. Additionally, our town staff is currently negotiating with property owners for more business opportunities. Mr. Horne, I respectfully ask you to stick with all of the facts, and please don’t avoid Spencer. You are welcome here.

— Jim Gobbel


Editor’s note: Gobbel is the former mayor of Spencer