Letter: Don’t blame Biden for Ukraine invasion

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 6, 2022

While the Republicans are quick to blame Biden for the Ukraine war, they offer few or no different choices that they would have made. They are quick to say that if Trump was still president, the war would not have happened.

Those same Republicans soon forgot Trump’s actions in a similar situation. When Turkey wanted to move against the Kurds, Trump had the US step aside and let the action happen. I can see a similar Trump reaction in regards to Ukraine. Plus Putin, in Trump’s own recent words, is a genius, very smart, savvy, etc. Remarkably, many Republican congressmen, and even his secretary of state, have echoed those same feelings. It is very obvious to many of us that Republicans appear to be OK with dictators. Pretty scary!

Even if Trump did not acquiesce to Putin’s invasion, the response may well have been markedly different from
NATO. Trump spent a good part of his term denigrating NATO, and tried to weaken it to Putin’s benefit. Had he still been in office, I doubt that NATO would have been as united as they now are.

  Jerry Forthofer