Letter: Epiphany needed

Published 12:01 am Sunday, January 9, 2022

It is quite fitting that the breach of the Capitol was on Epiphany. An epiphany is what we all need.

I am reminded of an original “Star Trek” episode in which Captain Kirk is divided into two different entities — one a logical thinker, very kind, and concerned with doing right by all, and one very strong, sometimes rude, and unconcerned with anyone but himself. The key to the episode is Kirk’s realization that he is incomplete and an ineffective leader without both halves of his personality.

It is this epiphany that our country needs now! We cannot survive without both halves of our country’s people. It is easy for our academic thinkers to feel we do not need our sometimes reckless, outspoken, and selfish people. It is easy for our strongest personalities to think they do not need those who do not act only for our country’s best interests at the moment. In fact, we need both these kinds of people. The point is we need them to work together.

In times of war, these types of people work together against a common problem. In times of peace, we seek out adversaries only to find them within our own country and we forget that they are us!

Us — isn’t it ironic that the United States’ acronym is U.S. We the people are who this country is populated by — not only the smart but those not as smart, not only the strong but those not as strong, not only those who care only for themselves but those who care only for others.

Please, can we try to work with each other to solve our country’s problems the best we can? Do not disrespect those who don’t agree with you. Find a compromise that makes things better.

And no, I don’t support those who breached the Capitol; at some point in that Star Trek episode, the brasher Kirk is put in the brig where he belonged. However, I will listen to the people who support the president I did not if they will but try to listen to me back. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had this epiphany?

— David Hagy