Letter: Who is the real racist?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 23, 2021

When I opened the Sunday Salisbury Post and turned to the opinion section, I thought there had been a mix-up. It was even worse than the New York Times — maybe the Socialist Workers Daily or Pravda.

The continuing theme was that we here in Rowan County were mostly racists. Indeed, one was severely infected with TDS (Trump derangement syndrome). Obviously, this individual was ignoring the mess that the current cognitively challenged resident of the White House has put our country into with soaring inflation, record gas prices, empty grocery store shelves, riots and looting looting in our streets; and, oh yes, our nation being overrun by millions of Illegal aliens at our southern border.

If this is a “racist nation,” then why are these millions of people from 160 countries streaming across our open border? It would appear that these folks support critical race theory in an effort to make our kids hate one another. Really, now who is the racist?

— Gabriel Jackson