Letter: Jeanne Dixon will ensure all in Kannapolis have councilwoman on their side

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 17, 2021

I am honored to add my voice to the endorsements for Jeanne A. Dixon, a candidate for Kannapolis City Council.

Jeanne and I share a friendship that spans over 50 years. She often says that our friendship began while playing in the “sandbox” when we were children. To know someone this long gives you a clear perspective of that person’s integrity, character and ethics. Jeanne has these critical attributes that have carried her through a storied career in working on behalf of others, in her personal and family life of achieving the many goals she set for herself, and in her profound spiritual faith. 

It is these core beliefs that she now offers to the citizens of Kannapolis, as a highly qualified and committed candidate for Kannapolis City Council. I am sure that if you get to the polls for early voting or on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, and cast your vote for Jeanne A. Dixon, you will have made a wonderful choice. She will be your advocate on the Kannapolis City Council and will work for you.

There is much to be done in ensuring that all citizens of Kannapolis have a councilwoman who is opened to meeting their needs. Jeanne A. Dixon will be that councilwoman. Therefore, without any hesitation, hype, or doubt, I encourage you to support Jeanne A. Dixon for your voice on the Kannapolis City Council.

Vote “Jeanne A. Dixon for Kannapolis!” 

— Scarlet Harvey Black