Letter: ‘Fame’ finds a home

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 12, 2021

There’s kind of a catharsis when one goes to a cemetery.

I experienced one the other day when I went to the Old Lutheran Cemetery to visit “Fame.” It was a warm and soon to be hot, sunny day. A dozen or so people were milling about, with one being confined to a wheel chair being pushed across the manicured lawn by caring someone. The whole area was litter free.

“Fame” herself is located at the north end of the cemetery. Her back is to no one. She gazes south over the entire grounds with a look of both majesty and love. It’s as though she is standing guard.

The statue is surrounded and protected by an attractive, black, wrought iron fence. This fence, while serving a purpose, does not block out her inscriptions. To read these words while looking at the statue as she cares for a wounded soldier and then glancing back over the cemetery was a very moving moment. I felt calm and still. (The catharsis, no doubt.)

Kudos to the city of Salisbury for taking care of the angel in the way that they did. Other statues in other towns have not been so lucky.

May “Fame” finally rest in peace and continue to grace us with her beauty while quietly reminding us of our history.

— Allan Gilmour