Letter: Push back against liberal agenda

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 8, 2021

Recently you printed a letter from Tim Deal and his view on common sense. I totally agree with him.

The people of Salisbury have been so busy keeping their head above water in this economy and COVID era that we haven’t paid attention to the changes made under our nose. The recent passage of the nondiscrimination law here in Rowan, pushed by LGBT+ activists, and the Salisbury Post pushing an agenda (subtle hints in articles that Tim pointed out as in DNA male trying to play women sports) must be fought.

We must become tough. When we push back with common sense, we are called names and “canceled” by this community. Businesses suffer with boycotts, and reputations are slandered all because of a difference of opinion. We are stalked. Our houses are vandalized and our cars are damaged. We don’t do this to their community, but businesses are caving for fear of these people. We are berated to have tolerance, but tolerance is not allowed from the forces we are fighting.

I am a woman. I have experienced being a woman since childhood. No man can walk alongside me claiming he is now a woman no more than a white man can walk alongside a black man and claim he is one. My experiences are a part of being a woman. A man can change his looks and body parts, but will always be a man. Where people are decrying cultural misappropriation, I am calling to an end of sexual misappropriation.

Let the name calling begin.

— Bridgette Shealy