Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 2, 2021

“There’s no need to steal plants. We can give them away for free as long as they talk to us.”

— Danelle Cutting, manager at Hurley Park on trying to stop thieves from taking plants     


“At the end of the day, it’s about health and safety of all parties.”

— Anthony Davis, Livingstone chief operating officer on efforts to get students back to in-person learning


“It was nice and short. Being able to come to a drive-in avoided the hassle of going in to an event.”

— Jeanne LeMaster, Smart Start Rowan board member on a drive-in story time event

“A win is a win, and it’s always exciting to win.”

— Nick Lyerly, after his third straight Rowan Masters golf tourney victory


“Salisbury is a special place because of people like Harry.”

— Karen Alexander, Salisbury mayor who presented a proclamation declaring June 26 as ‘Harry Drury Day’ to the centenarian


“The whole idea was to get more life back into the town. We’ve lost so many businesses over the years and so many people have moved away. We just wanted to do something to help attract attention back to Spencer in a positive way.”

— Sam Morgan, Spencer alderman on the success of the All-American Saturday Night Out


“More than  anything this past year taught us not to put things off because you never know if you’ll get the chance to actually do them.”

— Kevin Holland, East Rowan girls basketball coach on decision to move with his family to be near the beach


“Many Rowan County residents came away from today’s event with job offers and generous sign-on bonuses in hand. That was our goal.”

— Kendall Henderson, director of business development at the Rowan EDC after the weekend job fair at the West End Plaza


“We’re like kids in a candy store, particularly that water wall. … That’s a signature piece for this park. So, that was when we said we’re going to have to ante up.”

— Dyke Messinger, who leads the group developing Bell Tower Green Park on the original $7 million cost estimate growing to a final price tag of about $13 million