Letter: Abuse perpetuated without reprimand

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 9, 2021

Women for Community Justice (WCJ) supports and advocates for trusting relationships between our community and local, state and federal governments based on principles of equity, cultural and racial respect, and transparency in all actions and decisions.

After viewing the released body cam video and learning that Stephanie Bottom, who was 66-years-old at the time, was not arrested after being stopped, we denounce the excessive use of force carried out by the Salisbury Police officers and a Rowan County Sheriff’s deputy. The information viewed in the video from 2019 released by local media is not what we expect or will accept from our local law enforcement.  We expect complete transparency from law enforcement.

It is extremely disappointing to learn the officers involved were not reprimanded for the excessive use of force they inflicted upon Ms. Bottom The question is: WHY NOT?

The absence of any form of reprimand perpetuates the abuse of power that leaves us without justice.

Without accountability, Black people and other people of color are left vulnerable and targeted by those sworn to serve and protect them.

— Dora Mbuwayesango, Mary Walker, Jennifer Burrof-Smith and Kia Whittlesey