Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 26, 2021

“We’ve got to be thankful for whatever we can get right now. Not every year do you have to deal with a pandemic. The city, county and state are trying to do the best thing for the kids.”

— Brian Hinson, Salisbury High School football coach on additional fans being allowed in stands

“It’s been a challenge every year to learn the new things and keep up with what’s required from us.”

— Bill Behrendt, coordinator for volunteers who work with the AARP program to help senior citizens and low-income individuals with their
income taxes

“The Marine Corps is not just about going overseas and blowing things up. We have a bigger mission and they wanted me to be a part of it.”

— Arbe Arbelaez, former Marine and coordinator for Rowan County’s Toys for Tots efforts

“We met and I didn’t need to go any further because I felt a connection with him. … He and I clicked right off the bat.”

— Rudy Fugle,  NASCAR crew chief who lives in Rowan County on his experiences with up-and-coming driver William Byron

“It’s sunny, it’s 65, yes I’m very happy about that. I’m never happy about jumping in cold water but I do it because I love our kids.”

— Suzette Pritchard,
Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ Exceptional Children program specialist on this year’s modified version of the polar plunge for Special Olympics

“That might have been the best shot we had at getting the most out of it, who knows. But I can assure you from being on the board six years we’ve
definitely lost and squandered opportunities for far more than a quarter-million dollars in my opinion.”

— Dean Hunter, school board member discussing the need for due diligence involving Faith Elementary School instead of selling it outright for a new charter school

“I remember … getting on the scale and weighing a lot more than I thought I should. She had her foot on the back of the scale. Not quite devilish, but she had a good sense of

— Suzie Hunsaker, speaking of her aunt Elizabeth Lombard during a  surprise celebration for Lombard’s 100th birthday