Letter: Miracle man of Salisbury leaves a legacy

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 5, 2020

His name was Fisher, Paul Fisher. It was only fitting that Paul Fisher past away the same time as Sean Connery. Connery was famous as Bond, James Bond. They have a lot in common such as being calm under pressure, fighting the good fight and incredibly resourceful.

Paul Fisher was a mentor to many. He was a natural leader. Able to weave life principles from everyday occurrences, his wisdom was shared freely and with humility. His community impact felt for generations — both past and future.

To do justice to his legacy, this eulogy will sound like a filibuster. His life was remarkable. One of his famous sayings was “it’s a miracle.”

For all of us, Paul Fisher was a miracle. The agent 007 hero of our lifetime.

— Missie and Greg Alcorn