Letter: Shameful action at downtown cruise-in

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I am a person with a compromised immune system, not to mention I have eight grandchildren and elderly parents.

Last Saturday night, I was appalled at the people I saw uptown not wearing masks. The people were middle-aged, not social distancing themselves from each other and setting an awful example for younger people. It was like the whole town lost its mind during a pandemic. That’s not to mention there were no police officers doing anything. I understand the part about this being overwhelming to some people, but children follow the guidance of their elders. Salisbury is not setting a good example for our children. Boo to Salisbury for not stopping the spread of the virus.

I’m ashamed that I witnessed such neglect on the part of the people’s that took part in this so-called cruise-in. I was informed that this is a ongoing event. It should be stopped or changed so that everyone is protected.

— Julie Clawson