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Published 9:36 am Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Editorial: Everyone has role in helping local economy

The economy would have grown faster had RoCo citizens not been as stubborn about following the guidelines set up by the Trump administration.

The three “W”s were set up to protect citizens in the community. The refusal of the public to wear masks keeps people from going out as much.

— George W. Benson

… 2020 OctoberTour to give participants new views …

Until now, I’ve been afraid to go into stores because so many people here aren’t wearing them.

Today was the first day I ventured out to do local shopping because I felt safer. If you want the local economy to pick up, make face coverings mandatory. Otherwise, I’ll continue to order from Amazon.

— Michael S. Young

North Rowan Elementary adds outdoor classroom …

This is great idea until it rains or gets to hot or cold. Could the school system use Rowan County churches as learning centers?

Most have an auditorium or some type of community center even the sanctuary could be used as a learning space.

— Mark Lyerly

My Turn, Ronnie Smith: Put ‘Fame’ on the ballot in November

Wonderful idea. Since Fame’s removal was decided by the voice of a few, let her new home be the result of a majority vote.

— Laurel Hale Adams

‘Fame’ belongs to all the citizens of Rowan County and we all should have a say as to where she will be placed. Everyone get behind this idea and stand together.

— Toni Megliorino

This is a well-written, thoughtful letter. And wrong in every respect.

— Steve Noell

Thank you, Ronnie, for this well-articulated view of ‘Fame’ and what it truly represents. Anyone with a pulse knew that removing Fame was a pet project of Al Heggins.

— Jimmy Potts

Fame was a public safety hazard long before the administration of Al Heggins. The monument has been hit several times. It is in some of the past editions of the Salisbury Post.

— Reginald Brown

… Heggins calls on U.S. Senate to pass ‘HEROES’ Act

Most of your readers couldn’t care less what Heggins thinks about state/ federal politics but it was so important to the Post they had to fill up the bottom of the front page with an article on her/your opinion. I didn’t even know she was running for office until I saw this article.

— Darlene Gaskey Kale

What has Harry Warren done to respond to the needs of people who have lost jobs and closed businesses through no fault of their own? The 76th needs a strong voice and advocate in Raleigh! It’s time to #FlipNC76.

— Emily Margaret Ford

Activists talk tear gas ban, renaming police officers …

When will this madness end? When there is no tax base left? When existing businesses continue to fold? Salisbury’s biggest problem is gang and gun violence.

— James Bostwick

… Father hospitalized after being shot in argument with son

This seams to be the way the devil works, pitting son against father or mother, daughter against mother or siblings not getting along. It’s crazy. I thank the Lord up above that I got to grow up in the best era there seems to be.

— Marcia Wright

Local students will have two historic first days of school this week

I received a much better face shield than I expected from the school system. It was the type I almost bought myself!

— Stephanie Ogden

My Turn, Ed Norvell: Setting the record straight on ‘Fame’ …

The city did not come together to decide to move fame to the old Lutheran cemetery. Most of our citizens were left out of the secret discussions.

—Annie Belle