Letter: Let people decide on date of Farmers Day

Published 10:14 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Due to the virus, Farmers Day did not happen this year. It seems like every year is hotter and hotter. I will venture to say that when this day of fun began in 1902 there were more shade trees back then than there are now!

In today’s world, lots of shade trees are gone and it has become as hot as Haiti here! This is an annual event for the people of China Grove and others. I say, “ Let the people decide.”

Why can’t local businesses have people cast a ballot and then the committee could count them on a cut-off date. We have lots of businesses that people visit, who I’m sure would love to have their vote count.

Why can’t the board members and chairperson consider having it in the fall or at least let the people of China Grove have a say.

Let’s vote: July or October? Farmers grow greens, pumpkins and other produce in the fall. It would be much more comfortable weather than a blazing hot July!

Babies and children would be more comfortable, as would people with disabilities. Those with respiratory issues would never be able to attend in July. l believe the overall attendees would certainly approve as well.

Vendors and band members would appreciate cooler weather; no doubt about it! This is something to be considered. It could become “Farmers Day in the Fall.” One more plus: our ice cream wouldn’t melt as quickly in October!

— Gwen Johnson

China Grove