Letter: Statue’s move only changes look of street

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 12, 2020

Statue’s move only changes look of street

For many years Fame has graced West Innes Street without any public safety hazard. Only in recent years have some chose to foment division by trying to ensure that everyone must see the statue as racist.

Is the statue the hazard or is it those who work to force others into subjugation? What is moving the statue really going to accomplish other than changing the look of West Innes Street into that of other streets?

There has been and will always be injustice and prejudice. This doesn’t mean that we should just accept it. We should work together to find mutual ground and mutual solutions. The goal should be love and brotherhood.

Our country has acknowledged and is sorry for the past sin of slavery and today’s lasting injustices. Now is the time to follow Christ’s example of love and forgiveness. Appeasement will only call for more appeasing and subjugation produces resentment and in some hate.

Kudos to Greg Edds calling us to get to know our neighbors. Forgiveness, love, respect and concern for each other may just produce a better people.

— Loretta Ennis